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What are the major benefits of using a storage unit?

When you’re looking to grow your business, storage and warehousing should be at the top of your list. Providing your business with the security and flexibility to grow, storage and warehousing solutions can help improve production workflow and increase productivity. With intense pressure on manufacturers to enhance productivity and lower costs, finding the best way to manage your procurement, storage, distribution, and logistics is paramount.

We outline the many benefits of finding a cost-effective, reliable storage and warehousing facility for your business needs:

Boost your bottom line with storage and warehousing

Getting your storage and warehousing management under control can quickly boost your bottom line. And when your business begins to grow at a rapid rate, storage and warehousing provides peace of mind, ensuring you will have a reliable supply of well-managed stock at the ready when you need it.

Packing and processing will save you time and money

Some storage and warehousing facilities will offer a lot more than simply storage and warehousing solutions. Some storage and warehousing sites also offer picking, packing and shipping services as well as inventory management. The best advice is to ask your chosen freight storage facility what they offer before you lock in.

Storage and warehousing provide the opportunity to expand

Are you feeling restricted by the need to store all materials, components, and finished products at your manufacturing facility? You may find this is holding you back in business, limiting your ability to grow. Just imagine, if you were no longer restricted, you’d be better able to focus on your core business: producing your products. By outsourcing storage and warehousing, your business will be better able to use existing space for product development and process improvement. There are plenty of viable, affordable storage and warehousing solutions available to choose from.

Storage and warehousing solutions enable you to set guaranteed pricing

Storage and warehousing solutions enable business owners to offer a regular supply of goods to their customers. This is because, with freight storage, you can store goods when supply exceeds demand, releasing them when demand exceeds just-in-time production. Maintaining consistent stock levels helps prices to stay stable, making it easier for businesses to forecast production, profit, and loss.

Minimise business risk with storage and warehousing solutions

Goods kept in a freight storage facility are insured at the risk of the warehouse owner. Storing goods at an off-site warehouse minimises inventory loss from theft, fire, and damage, transferring that risk to the storage and warehousing facility. Protected by the freight storage companies’ insurance, usually much higher than you’d have access to due to the scale of operations, you save money by not having to pay the premium.

Are you searching for a reputable storage and warehousing facility?

Look no further than Lee Transport Australia. Offering both short and long-term storage and warehousing solutions, you can be assured your freight will be safe and secure, ready for pick-up or delivery whenever you require it. Conveniently located at 3/9 Woodbine Street, Gympie, come in and see us. Or phone 07 54821697 and have us arrange an obligation-free quote today. Check out our storage and warehousing capabilities online.

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