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The many different types of freight we move

When wanting deliveries from Gympie to Brisbane there are plenty of products and goods that can be transported by truck to get it delivered sooner.

Whether your Queensland freight is being carried to the Sunshine Coast, Ipswich or the Gold Coast, you should ensure you find an experienced and professional company to look after your needs.

Lee Transport drives thousands of deliveries from Gympie to Brisbane and can move a number of varying items for you so let’s take a look at some specialised Queensland freight.

Beer: Whether in kegs or cartons of bottles, the transportation of a large amount of liquid is actually quite specialised as there are ramifications if glass bottles begin to burst or break due to road conditions. The correct loading and storage conditions ensure there are no product losses due to unprofessional securing of goods.

Carpet: Usually shipped in large rolls, the supply chain for carpet and flooring is completed with expert loading and unloading. Some rolls of carpet can weigh hundreds of kilograms so it’s important the deliveries from Gympie to Brisbane, for example, are well secured and properly managed at each end.

Cardboard: Flat pack cardboard should be transported like any other major load on pallets but cardboard boxes need to be packed securely with support such as gap fillers to fill empty spaces and prevent any damage caused by movement. Fragile items internally should be packed appropriately using bubble wrap and paper before sealing the cardboard boxes with tape.

Turf, farm supplies and stock feed: Unlike many deliveries from Gympie to Brisbane or vice versa that may be transported easily, turf and other farm supplies can be perishable so the right preparation before delivery, loading the Queensland freight on the truck and delivering on time can all impact how the products are delivered. That’s why you need to make sure the company doing it is reliable and professional with a solid track record of on-time performance.

Chemicals: Dangerous goods need to be correctly declared and packed and labelled with documentation. The transport of dangerous goods requires specialist services. There are nine classes of dangerous goods and a few sub-classes. Some goods, such as explosives and poisons, are clearly dangerous but other classes include batteries and electrical products with chemicals such as laptops or phones. Read more about how to ship dangerous goods here.

Scaffolding: Usually with multiple metal poles and joins, it’s important that scaffolding is secured and fastened properly and not allowed to roll around loosely during the transport.

Machinery: Moving a tractor or earthmoving equipment is a specialised skill and needs to be completed by experts in road transport because there are multiple considerations after loading including the safest transport routes and limitations of road movement. Lee Transport takes fleet safety very seriously.

Call Lee Transport today on (07) 4630 4599 to chat with our experienced staff who can tailor a cost-effective solution to meet your transport needs.

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