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The benefits of using our short and long term storage solutions

Having a transport company that can provide short term storage and long term storage can help make running your business more efficient and profitable.

Whether you’re searching for long term storage for large orders yet to be transported or you need Sunshine Coast storage for your furniture while you renovate your home, there are many options available to you.

As logistics specialists, Lee Transport can provide end-to-end short term storage solutions, long term storage or movement of goods across Queensland and interstate.

Some of the many different types of freight we move include beer, carpet, cardboard, machinery and farm supplies.

Short term storage benefits

Getting fast access to your product or goods is one of the major benefits of short term storage solutions. Traditionally storage units offer greater flexibility with spaces being rented for shorter periods of time. You may only need Sunshine Coast storage for a month as your stock arrives or a few months while you renovate your home or workplace. There is usually a solution to meet most requirements and accommodate your needs. Your goods will be stored securely and safely away from extreme temperatures and water while being monitored by security cameras. You can also usually get access to your short term storage quickly if you need to move items on demand.

Long term storage benefits

Safety and security are critical factors when deciding on a logistics provider and those which can also provide long term storage. Take a look at how to find the most suitable logistics company to meet your business needs. Long term storage gives your business the flexibility to create more space and be able to carry more stock without the need to order more on short notice. Technology also allows you to control the conditions in the long term storage facility, providing the optimum safety and temperature for your goods.

Continuing the supply chain

Having a logistics specialist like Lee Transport take care of your Sunshine Coast storage can also cut down on the time it takes to move your goods around Queensland because they are already within our supply system. Maybe you’re moving overseas and need long term storage space for your furniture and homewares or you are starting a business and just need short term storage to house an excess of new stock. We have a solution for most problems.

How much does storage cost?

Whether you need a small space for a short period of time or a larger space for a longer time, it all depends on the size of space you’re renting or leasing and the length of time involved.

The best thing to do is call Lee Transport Gympie on (07) 4630 4599. We’d love to chat about your transport and storage options today. 

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